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Psycho som?

Thank you, UglyLikeMe, the feety PJ's and fort sessions might be necessary, but when should we schedule the: In the mud fossil searches?

The bottom line is, that no matter how much we're told that time will pass all too quickly, and that we must "enjoy each moment" while our kids are with us. I don't think we're ever prepared for how true it is and how fast it comes, until we're yelling at the dog and eating raisinets with popcorn. ;)


Every time I lose my shit because I'm tired and everyone (children wise) is on top of me I take a mental pause ans remind myself to savor it because one day te silence will be even mre defeaning...and fricking heartbreaking. Im sorry u are strugglng with this and if you want me to stop by in feety pajamas and build some forts just say the word xoxo


Thank you for that heartfelt post O!

As I was reading, I was remembering Cristian's first hair cut. I knew he'd be my last child, so when his baby hair was gone.... Well, let me just say, there weren't enough tissues or toilet paper sheets in the house to sop up my tears.

Thank you.


Ugh... okay, let me wipe my tears so I can see what I'm typing. I remember when my daughter told me she had kissed a boy, I felt like the wind had been knocked out of me. It didn't prepare me for the time she told me she was... I still can't say it, but you know what I mean. When did they grow up? When did "I" "we" allow them to make grown up decisions? Aren't we supposed to always be in control? But thinking back growing pains started when they started school. That was the first pain, then as time goes on, the pains continue... I guess all we can do is trust and believe and let them fly (at least that's what I keep telling myself). Thanks for sharing!


I haven't experienced parents growing pains but I feel your pain. You're right you did warn me but I couldn't hold back the tears.

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